Island Green Country Club (Philadelphia, PA)

#1 par 4 (370 blue, 355 white, 340 red):  simple opening hole, a slight dogleg right. #1:  this sloping bunker is the only real trouble off the tee, until some small trees grow. #1:  from 100 yards out to a bunkerless, fairly flat green. #1:  a view back to the tees.
#1:  from just over the green. #2 par 5 (505/485/405):  a fairly simple straight-away par 5. #2:  no real trouble on the drive, but there are two flanking bunkers; I think the ideal line off the tee is the left part of the FW. #2:  the hole runs uphill, but probably not as much as this photo from a drive that ended up against the right rough would suggest.
#2:  a view back to the tees (which are to the left of the path that is visible). #2:  a view from 100 yards out. #2:  the reason I said a drive on the left part of the FW is ideal as it allows an attempt to run up a shot on the green for those going for it in two, avoiding this bunker short and right of the green. #2:  from short of the green.
#2:  from left of the green. #2:  from the back of the green. #3 par 4 (405/355/335):  now things start to get more interesting, with the straight-away par 4. #3:  from 200 yards out.

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