Huntingdon Valley CC (Huntingdon Valley, PA)

Toomey Nine:  #1 is a 385 yard downhill par 4 with a feature you'll experience many times at HVCC, that being a canted fairway. TN #1:  a view from the left part of the FW, about 150 yards out. TN #1:  a view looking back up the FW; my drive landed in the middle of the FW and barely trickled into the left rough. TN #1:  a view from about 100 yards out; the greens are quite special at HV, and like many you can choose to play the ground game and run a shot on here using the slope to the right of the green.
TN #1:  from just short of the green. #1:  miss the green to the right and getting up and down is a challenge with the green running slightly away from you. TN #1:  another view back up the FW. TN #1:  a view from near the back of the green.
TN #1:  notice the undulations of the hill coming down to the green. TN #1:  here's a view of the green on the walk to the 2nd tee. TN #1:  here's a view back to #1 from the middle tee box on #2. TN #2:  a 447 yard par 4 that bends gently to the left with OB not really in play right.
TN #2:  from the middle of the FW short of the drive landing area. TN #2:  a good drive leaves a look like this in. TN #2:  a view from the left part of the FW, about 100 yards out. TN #2:  from the hill left of the green.

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