Broad Run Golfer's Club (West Chester, PA)

#1:  really fun, but course clogging, opening short par 5 #1:  view from the fairway, 250 yards out, and a 175 yard carry over the junk #1:  the tees are up there between the fescue #1:  view of the flag from just in front of the junk
#1:  a view back down the fairway #1:  view from hill right of the green #1:  a view of the 2nd shot layup area #1:  one of the bunkers left of the green (these are deep and not a place to be)
#1:  another view from the hill right of the green #2:  down and up par 4 with a 200 yard tee shot required #2:  view from 200 yards #2:  view back to the tees
#2:  a large ravine must be cleared on the 2nd shot #2: a  view from the left edge of the green #2: a view from right of the green #3:  a short, slight dogleg left par 4

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